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KQMO The #1 Latin StationYour #1 Latin Station

 The #1 Latin Station in the Ozarks. Customized programming to meet our audience taste. Formatting for this station is Regional Mexican, Salsa, Merengue, Regeton, and top adult contemporary. We are a true Latin blended station. KQMO 97.7 FM covers the heart of the Ozarks. The on-air staff focuses on providing information that will aid in the acclimation of the area. The demo is ages 16 to 40 with a mean of 29, and 92% are bilingual.



ON-AIR    Monday-Friday 8am-11am


I was born in Zacatecas Mexico. I have been with LA MAS GRANDE since it started back in 2001. My greatest satisfaction is being able to entertain my audience and get paid for something I love to do.
How about that!




Yesy Perez

ON-AIR    Fridays & Saturdays 2PM-4PM

19106019 10212904114574070 3600581938901612733 nThis latina radio diva is an icon in the Latino community. She brings warmth to KQMO's 97.7 FM audience. Her show is filled with music, fun news and lots of laughter with her co-host La Intern.











ON-AIR    Wednesdays, Friday and Saturday's 12pm-2pm

3J1A1586Originario de Oaxaca, México. Llega a la 97.7 FM "La Mas Grande". Presentando para todos su programación y estilo personal como Locutor. Con mucho dinamismo y energía, transmite para nosotros shows semanales como "Recuerdos Mas Grandes", "Puras Rolas Pa' La Raza" y "Las Movidas" Del Amigo Lalo Lalo. No te pierdas la programación y estilo muy personal del "Amigo Lalo Lalo"


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